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URL Organizes, Moves Toward Competition

The United Rotisserie League has quickly moved from vision to idea to reality. League commissioner Daniel Shoptaw has collected some astounding fantasy talent and looks forward to an exciting first season in 2007.

“We’ve gotten players from a number of different leagues, all with solid rotisserie backgrounds,” said Shoptaw in a press conference Wednesday. “We’ve spread a wide net in terms of location, but all of the owners we’ve nabbed are smart, involved and committed to their teams and their localities.”

Six teams have submitted their names to the league, with another two still laying the groundwork for their teams. A quick overview:

  • The Atkins Alley Cats, based in Atkins, Arkansas, will be run by Charles Rector. Rector, who coaches high school football in his spare time, says his organization will be “an organization based on class and sportsmanship.” The team color is sky blue.
  • The Brewville Style will be based in Crystal Lake, Illinois and are owned by Steve Egge, who has been known to do some accounting in the past. While not personally familiar with the auction-style method of obtaining players that the URL is using, he plans to bring top talent into Crystal Lake and use his past experience to learn the new system. The Style will be noted with orange.
  • Another Illinois team, though from the other side of the state, is the Edwardsville Armada. Owned by David Reed, another owner with an accounting background, the royal blue of the Armada should indicate a quality organization and a team to be reckoned with.
  • Farther south, the Texas Outlaws have set up shop. Owner Robert Arnwine, who continues the accounting theme, is a devoted fantasy owner who is already scouting the free agent market and putting together a strategy to get the best players into Outlaw black.
  • The most recent team announcement came from Mike Salony, who has named his entry Wendy’s Peffercorns. Salony, a devoted Bostonian going to school in Florida, should bring a different mindset to the league, which may help his men in green to take home a title.
  • Finally, the commissioner’s Arkansas Cardinals are preparing for battle as well. These red-clad warriors hope to make the citizens of Russellville proud as they take on these other quality teams.

Two other Arkansans, Mark Scott of Conway and Jason Hoover of Clarksville, have also committed to the URL, though have yet to indicate team names and colors.

There are still some minor decisions and things to tweak in the league before the free agent period begins November 13, but all those involved in the league agree, it’s going to be a fun time.


August 2, 2006 - Posted by | Arkansas Cardinals, Atkins Alley Cats, Brewville Style, Edwardsville Armada, League Press Releases, Texas Outlaws, Wendy's Peffercorns

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