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Rivalries Intensify: URL Goes Head-to-Head

The United Rotisserie League announced today that the 2007 season will be played in the head-to-head style rather than the traditional rotisserie way of ranking teams in categories.

“After polling our membership, the leadership of the URL decided this was an action that we needed to take,” said Commissioner Daniel Shoptaw. “Not only will it allow for a playoff system to determine the champion, but it will also increase the rivalry factor, as each team will face the other opponents roughly three different times during the season.”

The commissioner pointed out some natural geographical rivalries, such as the Edwardsville Armada and the Brewville Style, along with the Arkansas “URL Corridor” from Clarkville to Conway.

“There will also be some personality rivalries. It’s possible that David and Mike will form a tough rivalry based on respect and beating the snot out of each other. Robert has already designated the Cardinals as their main rivals. Each week there should be someone who takes great pleasure in thumping their opponent.”

The other owners were not available for comment, though some may post their reactions on their team blogs in the coming days.


September 6, 2006 - Posted by | League Press Releases

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  1. […] Russellville (AP)–Today’s announcement by the United Rotisserie League to play the 2007 season in a head-to-head format was hailed by the Cardinals and owner Daniel Shoptaw. […]

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