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Gates Opening Early: Free Agency Begins Next Week

The United Rotisserie League announced today that, after discussions and votes from the owners involved, the free agency starting date would be moved from November 13 to October 16.

Commissioner Daniel Shoptaw explained that the logistics involving contracts was the main reason for the change.

“Sure, everyone is anxious to get some players and start forming a team,” said Shoptaw, “but when we realized that allowing for the uneven distribution of a total contract over the life of the contract was going to require some other changes, moving the free agency period up seemed to be the best way to fix those issues.”

The free agency period will now be expanded, as the ending date has not changed. Instead of three groups closing in a normal week, it will now be two, as groups will close Mondays and Thursdays, to allow owners more time to get their contract details into the league office.

The schedule for group submission for owners is updated and can be found on the league home page.


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