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Active Trade Market Enlivens Pre-Group Closing

Wednesday night was an active one in the United Rotisserie League, as teams tried to position themselves for the closing on Thursday of the next group.

While numerous trade rumors circled the league during Wednesday, three trades with three different teams were the only ones completed before the bidding closed, as the Atkins Alley Cats, Edwardsville Armada, and Wendy’s Peffercorns all changed up their roster composition.

The Armada shipped off Mark Ellis to the Alley Cats for Mark Buehrle and financial considerations, then in a separate deal moved Brian Roberts to the Peffercorns for Daniel Cabrera.  Later, the Alley Cats moved Johnny Damon, Yadier Molina and financial considerations to the Peffercorns for Rod Barajas.

“We had to free up money and positions,” said Atkins owner Charles Rector about his trades, which had all the appearances of a salary dump.  “We really liked Buehrle especially, but when push came to shove, he was one we had to let go so we can fill the rest of the roster with quality players.”

The Peffercorns used some of their payroll strength to take on Molina and Damon.  Said owner Mike Salony, “Even if Damon is a big-time traitor, he still can hit the ball, and that’s the key here in the URL.  And we look forward to Molina’s continued growth at the dish.”

The largest motivation for David Reed, owner of the Armada, was to free a few roster slots and to replace a few pitchers that were questionable signings.  “We never wanted Ken Ray, I’ll tell you that flat out.  His attitude around our organization was poor and it was mutually decided to part ways.  As for (Derrick) Turnbow, well, he asked for his unconditional release and this was the best way to go about that.”

After the group that closed on Thursday, expect more trade rumors to circulate.  The official blog will always detail the trades after they have been approved by the commissioner.


December 7, 2006 - Posted by | Atkins Alley Cats, Completed Trades, Edwardsville Armada, Wendy's Peffercorns

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