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Cantu Traded Again in Wednesday Action

In a first for the Untied Rotisserie League, a player was traded for the second time.  At least Jorge Cantu will be going to a familiar place.

In a trade made late Wednesday night, Cantu, along with financial considerations, was shipped from Wendy’s Peffercorns to Atkins Alley Cats in exchange for pitchers Tom Gordon and Kenny Rogers, outfielder Brad Hawpe, and financial considerations.

“Now that we’ve freed up some payroll room, getting Jorge back was a priority,” said Atkins owner Charles Rector.  “This will also give us the opportunity to remake the team a little bit.”

Wendy’s seemed especially intrigued with Hawpe.

“Brad is at a good price and at a good contract and we look forward to having his bat in the lineup for quite some time to come,” said head Peffercorn Mike Salony.

Experts expect that trade activity may pick up as rosters begin to finalize, with teams wanting to tweak their mix or take on payroll they were not able to do earlier.

Scoop McGee, who covers the URL for the blog The Infield Flyer, says he expects activity to pick up.

“Things may slow down for a bit with the Christmas holiday, but between that and the New Year, I could see three or four more trades being done.”


December 21, 2006 - Posted by | Atkins Alley Cats, Completed Trades, League Press Releases, Wendy's Peffercorns

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