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Teams Finalize Rosters on Post-Christmas Deals

Both the Brewville Style and the Conway Capitols wrapped up their free agent signings, filling in the rest of their roster with quality signings on Thursday as business resumed with a vengance after the Christmas break.

Prior to Thursday’s signings, familar trade partners Wendy’s Peffercorns and Atkins Alley Cats swapped players, with Raul Ibanez going to the Cats and Mike Gonzalez to the Peffercorns.  This became very beneficial for both teams, as they landed free agents that they normally would not have been able to land.

As of this writing, the Cats were still deciding on the pitcher they were going to sign, having landed the rights to two of them.  The Peffercorns signed outfielder Carlos Beltran to a five-year, $125 deal.

“Getting Beltran makes that whole Ibanez trade that much sweeter,” said Peffercorn owner Mike Salony.

Conway only needed one player to finish their roster, and they signed outfielder Jeff Francouer to a $35, five-year contract.  The Style made a bigger splash, wrapping up the last five players they needed, headlined by second baseman Ian Kinsler’s five-year, $61 pact.

“I didn’t expect to complete my roster today,” Style owner Steve Egge was quoted as saying, “but if I had to, these are great guys to get.  Looking over the team, it looks very good in my eyes.”

The Clarksville Cubs finished up their pitching staff by signing Ben Sheets to a $150, five-year deal.

“For the last pitcher we signed, he’s darn good,” grinned owner Jason Hoover.

The URL will take another breather for New Year’s before resuming next week in a last push to finalize rosters and prepare for the minor league draft.


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