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Trade Winds Blow During Holiday Weekend

While many people took a break during the New Year’s weekend, the owners of the United Rotisserie League continued wheeling and dealing in an effort to manuever their teams into position for the final stretch run of the initial free agent period.

On Friday evening, the Clarksville Cubs made their first trade, sending one of their stars, pitcher Dontrelle Willis, to the Atkins Alley Cats in exchange for three players, headlined by pitcher Noah Lowry and outfielder Torii Hunter.

“Losing Dontrelle would have been a major blow, save for the talent we got back in the deal,” said Cubs owner Jason Hoover. “We are excited about the players coming back, especially Noah, who we think can really fill the whole left by Dontrelle.”

“Trades are the lifeblood of a healthy team,” said Cats head honcho Charles Rector. “We are always trying to fine-tune this roster, especially with the talent that is still out there left to be signed.”

In the last trade of 2006, the Texas Outlaws made a minor deal, sending third baseman Rich Aurilia to Wendy’s Peffercorns for the now much-traveled Luis Castillo.

“Luis has had a rough week, but now that he’s landed on our roster, he can settle in.  We have no plans to trade him again,” announced Outlaw owner Robert Arnwine.  “We liked Aurilia, but we had a backlog of third basemen and had a need at second base.  It’s a classic baseball trade.”

Wendy’s owner Mike Salony was unavailable to comment at press time.


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