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Top Spot Up for Grabs

So far, it seems like the United Rotisserie League is going to be a two-horse race. And those horses are going head-to-head here in Week 8, creating the environment for some solid baseball and a new overall leader.

The Texas Outlaws and Wendy’s Peffercorns have done battle at the top of the standings for a long time, usually winding up tied at the end of each week. This week, they do battle in Florida as Wendy’s hosts the match between the two dominant URL teams.

“Dominant” is an understatement, as these teams sit at 72-26, a whopping 19 games ahead of the third place Brewville Style. Without a major surge by some team, these two will be contending for the overall crown all year long. Texas right now has the edge in the season series, winning 9-5 at home in Week 1. However, Peffercorn owner Mike Salony thinks this time is going to be different.

“The Outlaws have put together a heck of a team,” Salony said in a press conference on Sunday, “but the Peffercorns have been tweaking as well. Couple that with the home field advantage and our devoted fans and I feel confident we’ll be on top come Sunday night.”

Texas owner Robert Arnwine released a statement congratulating the Peffercorns on their early-season success and expressing anticipation for this week’s matchup.

“I’m ready to knock y’all off this first-place perch. You are taking up too much room!” the statement read.


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Outlaws, Peffercorns Battle for First

After five weeks of the inaugural United Rotisserie League season, there have been surprises and disappointments.  A couple of the biggest surprises are separated by only one game in the standings.

Wendy’s Peffercorns, who finished the free agency portion of the offseason with the lowest payroll in the league, have made numerous moves and set their team up for an early season run.  Until last week, they were tied at the top of the standings before slipping one game back in Week 5.  However, their 49-21 record puts them nine games ahead of their closest competitor.

Mike Salony, who was interviewed as he packed up team operations for a summer relocation, felt strongly that his team has what it takes to contend.

“Our pitching is looking good, though we have had a couple of guys have to hit the disabled list lately.  I’m really liking our offense, however.  Prince Fielder is picking up where he left off last year, (David) Ortiz and (Todd) Helton are hitting….we can put up runs with the best of them.”

The Peffercorns host the Atkins Alley Cats, currently the cellar-dwellers of the league, for a week-long tilt.

The team that is leading the league, though, is the Texas Outlaws.  The Outlaws, a team that was one of the slowest to sign free agents, has rolled up a 50-20 record in the early going.

“We’re never satisfied, of course, but we like where we are at,” said owner Robert Arnwine.  “I feel like our pitching could be a little better and we hated to lose Felix (Hernandez) to the DL.   Alex Rodriguez has really carried us in the first month, but there are a number of bats on here that have helped out.  We aren’t a one-man show, by any means.”

The Outlaws take on their designated rival, the Arkansas Cardinals, in Texas this week.

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