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Outlaws Stretch Lead to Double Digits

The Texas Outlaws weren’t the most extravagant during the free agency period.  In fact, they were the last team to sign a player.  But just like the fabled turtle, their slow and steady approach now has them a 14 game lead in the standings.

“We knew we had a pretty good team,” said owner Robert Arnwine in a telephone interview Thursday.  “There were some holes, we thought, but I felt like we could stay in contention.  Did we think we’d be up this much this late?  I don’t think anyone could honestly tell you that was the case.”

After sharing a lead with Wendy’s Peffercorns for a number of weeks, the Outlaws have gradually pushed their win total higher and higher and stand at 144-66 (.686 winning percentage) with only nine weeks left to go until the playoffs.

Riding players like third baseman Alex Rodriguez and first baseman Justin Morneau, the Outlaws lead the league in home runs and follow the Peffercorns in most other offensive categories.  The pitching staff has been a little shakier but heavily strikeout-based, as they lead the league in that category as well as K/9 and holds.

Plans for the stretch run?

“Just keep doing what we’re doing,” said Arnwine.  “If we can get another good pitcher, we’d think about it.  Otherwise, it’s status quo, I’d expect.”


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