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URL Stumbles Out of the Gate

Opening Day.  Simple, easy and so much fun.  Right?  Not so fast, says the United Rotisserie League.

Due to issues with their statistical interface, a number of the opening series will be played at less than ideal conditions.

“It’s pretty embarrassing,” stated Commissioner Daniel Shoptaw at a hastily-called news conference.  “Starting the season in Japan, while perhaps great for the future coffers of Major League Baseball, has caused us in the related leagues nothing but sleepless nights, technical headaches, and teams that are not up to their full potential.  Hopefully this will not be an issue when the pennant races are decided this summer.  If a team misses the postseason because their ace pitcher wasn’t on the DL this first week, there’s not much solace in the fact that ‘everyone was affected'”.

Sources say that, due to the timing issue with the actual season starting while most teams were still in spring training, those players technically placed on the MLB disabled list before their team started the season but after the Japan series between the Boston Red Sox and Oakland A’s were counted as “active” the first matchup of the season.

“I’m not real happy about it,” Clarksville Cubs owner Jason Hoover was quoted as saying.  “Everyone knew that [Mark] Prior was going to be out until June.  But since the Padres didn’t make that official until a couple of days before the season starts, I have to pay the price?  There’s something wrong with that.”

Hoover hastened to add that he had no problems with the response of the commissioner, just that he was “hating the system, not the player.”

Most every team had a similar complaint.  The Texas Outlaws had two such cases, outfielder Rocco Baldelli and pitcher Scott Kazmir.  Owner Robert Arnwine was sanguine about the glitches.

“Not much you can do about it but play on,” Arnwine said.  “I don’t think it’ll cost us the season.  Check back with me in August, see if I’m still as unconcerned.”

As Arnwine said, the real ramifications may not be known for a while.


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